Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party

Halloween and Christmas are big Holidays around here. They appeal to our good and evil sides. ;-) Jason and his cousin really get into these two holidays and Vince & Michelle have a Halloween party every year. This really is the first year the kids are super into. So this past Saturday was the annual party. We got the kids dressed up and snapped a few pics in front of our decorated gate. Warning they are not the best, sun is in the kids eyes. But will try to get better one's on Friday.

Off we went to the Halloween party. Vince always has a kick butt costume and goes all out, would you expect less from someone else who totally loves the holiday?? Around the backyard and house he has previous years costumes set up as decorations. next year we have to bring the video camera. We were rolling how scared the girls were. Is that bad??

Basically he is sits somewhere in the drive way as guests start showing up. BTW one year he scared the crap out of some local police who swung by, how he didn't get shot we don't know that year. LOL! Sorry off track...so he is sitting in a big wooden chair just outside the back yard and daddy and papa take the girls out to see uncle Vince! This is when comedy in sues!!! LOL!

I have a princess trying desperately to get back on the other side of the gate, fear in her eyes and screaming....There is a Power Ranger that has now climbed up her father and has a death grip on his neck as she is scurrying to his back. She is about 3 feet from Uncle Vince and he is getting up out of his chair. Of course all of us adults are just rolling in laughter at this point.

So here is a pic of Uncle Vince's costume this year, which included lifts in shoes.


G-tube update

We are almost three weeks post-op, two weeks after having the tube removed and this is what we have

Gwynne tells us from time to time that she misses her button. I guess when you had something attched to your body for over 4 years it would feel weird for it not to be there anymore.

We wanted to get a post op picture a few days after surgery but she wouldn't let anyone come near it. We didn't even take the original bandage off until we went into the Doc's office for a check up. It was pretty gooey, pussy & gross mess. It appealed to my sick brain to see it. LOL! Guess becoming a nurse will be a good thing for me. :-) I get excited cleaning the kids ears as well!

There was also about two weeks of her being a bit embarassed. She wouldn't let us see her tummy. When getting dressed she would turn away and have her back to us. But know I guess she has no problems with showing everyone. According to her teacher the other day in class Gwynne lifted up her dress to show her someone her button was gone. We got a good giggle out of it and told her teacher she was prepping herself for Spring Break. ROFL!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Something is going on with my little girl and I don't know what. I'm stumped. She is fighting us tooth and nail on homework. She says school sucks, and is a pain every morning getting ready for school. I talked to her teacher about not liking school. See if someone was picking on her or if Gwynne had said any thing to Ms. R. NOPE! Ms. R was completely surprised by what I was telling her. Including our talk yesterday about not doing homework.

I have tried talking to Gwynne but she gets real shy and quiet on me when I try to ask her questions. This is the first year the girls are in separate classes. But they do have time during the day that the classes come together and they have recess together. I don't think it is them being separated. But I'm not 100%. They were separated for the six weeks of summer school and no real problems.

For the most part she has been herself at home. But she has become more attached we have noticed to her lovey. Normally lovey would only be grabbed when she was tired and trying to sooth herself. Now it seems just about every time we turn around she has it, not to mention she has times that she doesn't want to leave the house without it. Not just on school days, but weekends with us.

I wonder if I'm missing something or just reading too far into things. Why can't kids come with an instruction manual or a re-program button that you get to use every now and then as they are growing up.

Cheating AGAIN!!!

Am I getting old and mean??? I don't get it. This is the first time in all my years, (YES! I said years)of college seeing people so blatantly cheat! We had a quiz two weeks ago. Same two ladies wrote a bunch of stuff down on the their desk. We had an in class essay according to the syllabus. Not really a an essay really. We were given 5 topics and had to pick three to write a paragraph, P-A-R-A-G-R-A-P-H on each question. This is a mythology class, he allowed us to have our reading hand outs and our books along with one page, front and back of hand written notes. It doesn't get much easier then this people!!!! I missed last week due to Gwynne's surgery so I forgot about the one page of written notes we could have.

Tell me these same two ladies did not have a few pages of typed notes, and passed notes back and forth. REALLY?!?!? Is it that freakin hard??? If you had read the materail and been in class for discussions I don't see how this task required cheating. But then again, is it really cheating?? I don't know. I just know it is bugging me and I don't know why.

Oh and then he is letting people get up and walk out after handing out the test. Whatever, it's his class. Tell me as I leave one of the guys from my class is not walking up to me with the question sheet in hand. Proceeds to ask me about two of the questions. AND I FREAKING ANSWERED HIM!!!!!!!!! UGH!

Alright I will get off my soapbox now.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Can you write your name????

Chloe can!!! YEAH!!! I knew she had been tracing her name and spelling it to us. But I was unware until a few days ago that she could write her name on demand. I tend to miss out helping the girls with their homework. Yes, they are in kindergarden and have homework daily. Well I was home early and got to do homework with the girls.

I just sat there in pure awe holding back the tears. My daughter looked at me as proud as can be! And a little puzzled as to why momma was about to cry. She was so proud she wrote her name twice on her homework. LOL! But I had to correct her and we earsed one while I waited for Jason to bring me the camera.

This is the best I could get. Not the best picture, but a picture to remember never the less. ***Please ignore the dirty grout on the table*****

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bye Bye G-Tube!!!

Today we are one more step closeer to Gwynne getting rid of her g-tube. I'm not sure what the procedure is called, I didn't go to the appt. Jason did. She will be going under so the doctor can remove the skin that has grown around the stoma. The G-tube will be placed back into place and next week we will go into the office and they will pull her g-tube for good and allow the skin to fuse back together.

We are happy to be getting rid of it. But the mommy in me is freakin out. What if she gets sick? What if, what if....! But we have not needed to use it except for when she has totally refused to take medications. So it is good that it will be gone and she will not have that crutch to fall back on.

I'm losing my mind already and it is not even 8am yet. She has her surgery this afternoon. We have to be at the hospital by noon to go through the admitting process. She has to be NPO as of midnight last night and she can clear liquids until 9am. She is already screaming at me and getting pissed cause I won't give her any milk.

This is gonna be a very long morning!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yet again! I'm the BITCH!

UGH! Why?? Why do I end up being the Bitch. You tell me if I'm wrong.

Hospital has been calling me for the last three days to "pre-reigster" Gwynne for her surgery tomorrow. Today, I answered my phone not thinking. So the lady tells me why she is calling. So my question to her is:

Me: So if we do this over the phone now I won't have to go to admitting and do this again tommorrow?

Her: No.

So we start going over the info, and she asks about the insurance coverage to verify what Gwynne has. I answer in the postive. Guess what comes out of the damn ass' mouth next???

Her: Make sure to bring your insurance cards with you so we can make a copy.

HOLD ON ONE DAMN MINUTE!!!!! Did you not just say less then 5 minutes ago I would NOT have to go to the admitting department if I did this over the phone right now. So, her and I get into. She proceeds to tell me that I just can't go up to the surgery location by myself. Which I laugh, cause about 6 weeks ago when I was there admitting sent me on my way upstairs with my child all by myself.

So I told her I was not going to go over this info with her now, and have to do it ALL again tomorrow. WHAT IS THE DAMN FREAKIN POINT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! Don't waste my freakin time! Sheesh!

Well she got pissed and hung up one me! LOL!

And yes!! Someone from the freaking admitting department will be walking Gwynne and I up to the damn surgery center tomrrow! BASTARDS!

Yet again.....I'm the Bitch!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is MINE!!!!!!!!

Am I the only one that their kids have taken over your own life?!?! Where is me!!!!! Have you read the littl blurb "ABOUT ME"??? It doesn't say "About Your Kids". Where have a gone wrong???

Lets see, first the name of the website address. Should have picked something like "It's All About ME!" or "No Triplet Talk To Be! (NTTB)". Oh! OH! Better yet!!!! "Mom's Selfish Time!!!"

Second, not letting it all hang out like I ususally do. Worried about who might read this. Really, who gives a crap! If you don't like what I be a saying HIT THE ROAD JACK, AND DON'T CHA COME BACK. NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE!!!!! Little off key but that is me, off key! LOL!

What is up with the mommy sacrifice?? Why do I have to walk around with half my head one color and the other half yet another highligted by grey??? Because I won't spend the money on myself to go to the salon. Nope! Can't cause I gotta buy those kids crap they don't need, don't really deserve for multiple reasons. I actually felt a little guilty a couple weeks ago getting my man stach waxed with my bushy eyebrows!!!

Is it something in my genetic make up....or cause I'm a mom? Well guess what kiddos!!!! Your going to hear a resounding big fat NO to EVERYTHING!!!! You got a B-day and Christmas coming up and you ain't getting squat until mommy gets her red hair back and maybe a pedicure! And NO! NO, you cannot come with me. You will have to stay home and enjoy your father for pete sake.

Ahhh!! I feel so much better now.....How about you?!?!?!