Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So I'm am a big computer/internet idiot at times. And lets just say I only have certain passwords I use, but couldn't figure out what combo of e-mail address and password I used. Lame I know it! :P I'll get over it. I'm telling you kids suck out your brain cells and leave you with a shell of what it use to be.

Let me just say that the age of 3 is far worse the 2 ever was. I have a fashionista who is driving me crazy. She not only wants to pick out her own clothes, but today start having a fit because I wasn't putting a dress on her sister as well. What is up with that?? I can do girly on occasion, being a tomboy in my previous life, I like to dress up sometimes. But I don't know if I can do it 24/7. Thank my lucky stars she isn't into all the hair stuff yet. It is already difficult getting the two girls ready for preschool.

Oh and can I write horrible stuff about California Children Services (CCS)?? That is really a touchy subject when it comes to things for Connor. Why do you have to fight tooth and nail for things they and you now they are suppose to be doing. I wish I had the people skills to run for office because I really want to trim the fat and red tape BS that is not only in this organization but plenty of others.

Connor has learned to shake his head "No". It was cute the first few times he did it, but now as in every child who hits the no, no, no stage, EVERYTHING IS NO, NO, NO!!! I need to bust out the video camera and get film of it. But I really suck when it comes to taking pictures and video. Don't ask! I don't understand my problems so I cannot explain them to someone else.