Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday Night just before 11pm......

What are you doing???

I'm getting old.....all I can think about right now is do I go to sleep or run down to the hospital cafteria and grab a Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich and a soda.

What happen to those nights were 11pm and the night was just getting started?? Just finished up dinner and some drinks with friends and off to the club for some more drinks and dancing??

Oh! That's right.....forgot about the part of being married and a mom of triplets!

What is your life coming to when you long for a soft comfy bed about 11pm on a Friday or Saturday cause you know your gonna be lucky if the monley's let you sleep past 8am!

But enough about my wants and desirees! Not only am I too old for that stuff anymore, but the tollhouse ice cream sandwiches have added WAY too much weight to this body!!!!!

There was a time that my thighs didn't rub together, and the friction didn't cause the cotton to tear and thin in that area. I didn't look 4-5 months pregnant, heck I didn't really have a stomach, even for being a bit over weight.

See there I go again.

Gwynne is stable. On 1 1/2 liters of O2 and breathing treatments now every 4 hours instead of every 3.

If she can hang on 1 liter tomorrow with no issues, I think I will be pushing for her to come home on Sunday with oxygen. There is no need for us to stick around until the ween her completely off. The girl has her very own O2 tank at home still. And this chair that fold out into a "bed" just ain't cutting it, nor is the towel they refer to as a pillow. I'm so ticked that I forgot to bring my own pillow tonight after stopping at home.

Will update later with any news. Hope everyone is having some type of fun somewhere! ;-P

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Well things got bad after my post last night. Gwynne ended up on 4 1/2 liters of O2 and still had a bit of trouble keeping stats at 94-95. There was talk of moving to ICU and having her breathing treatments every two hours instead of the current every three hours. Basically, hospital procedure is no one on 4 liters or more of oxygen is suppose to be on the Pediatric floor, only ICU. Had they decided to do treatments every two hours her butt would have been in ICU for sure.

We had lots of destats on 4 1/2 liters and had to keep her position very specific to keep her stats up. FUN TIMES!!! When is the last time you tried to get a 5 year old to sleep sitting up, head back slightly and not pull out the O2 while she slept. EXACTLY!!! Oh and every three hours she thought she was being attacked by the breathing mask for her treatment cause the poor thing was so damn tired.

Last night scared the crap out of me! I had visions of the last time she was like this and ended up pooping out in the ICU entubated and on a vent for about two weeks. You think this would a be a little easy with all the crap these kids have gone through and I have watched. But it seems to get harder. They are older now, they know what the hell is going on. Every time Gwynne's alarm would go off for low stats she would ask "momma, what does that mean?"

And recently Gwynne has also been asking about all of the scars she has and what happened and why. Gut wrenching to say the least.

She is now at 2 liters of O2 since this morning and doing well, just tried to put her down to 1 1/2 liters and about 5 minutes later we are back to 2 liters. Trying to get her to nap since about 3pm, but it seems I picked a bad time. Just as she was dozing off it was time for another treatment and for the nurse to do vitals.

My baby girl has dark circles under her eyes and needs some sleep. I could use a nap and a long hot shower myself at this point.

*Pics were taken yesterday before things went a bit south.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hospital....such a filthy word!

I have had my fill of hospitals in the last four days! I have been AWOL lately since I started my anatomy class trying to figure out studying and keeping up with my "other" stuff. Currently that means this blog and all the blogs I love to read. UGH!

But guess what! I had my first huge test in anatomy on Tuesday that I think I may have passed by the skin of my teeth. Not sure if I will find out tomorrow or next week on Tuesday. So a bit of a sigh of relief.

As I'm stressing over said test and studying my rear off this past weekend my cousin calls me. Grandma is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. FRACK!!!! Heart in the stomach about ready to puke. Well grandma had a stroke the women is 86 years old and going some what strong. Scared the death out me and kind of slapped us in the face just how fragile she is. And I hate that she is a bit far from us, not really but with my schedule it can be very difficult to find time, there is so much to get done on a weekend. And she is just far enough that we can't really go down during the week after work. So I have this tremendous guilt of the complete lack of time I have spent with her over the last year. Well grandma is doing fine. She will not need any physical therapy, fairly small stroke and she can walk as normal and full range of motion. She still has some confusion, but hell the women is 86!

Oh but the fun does not freakin stop there!!!!!!!Gwynne is hacking up a lung yesterday and tells me she doesn't feel well. No fever figure yet another cold for this season of many and send her off to school. Now lets fast forward to this morning. I awake to a child in my bed with purple lips, breathing fast & retractions. You have got to be kidding me! Put her on the pulse ox, just before it dies, it says 88. This is not good! All her other colds she has been able to hold her stats while hacking up a lung. Breathing treatments only got her up to the low 90's and that was spotty. Well we are sitting in the hospital now started out on 1 liter of O2 this morning we are now up to 2 liters. Chest x-ray shows no pneumonia, so it's looking like exhausterbation. GOOD TIMES!!!

But hey, it's been just a bit shy of 2 years since her last hospital stay and according to the latest x-ray some of her scaring from the Chronic Lung Disease seems to have cleared up and looks better!

Basically this sums up to, I have missed the last three days of work, spent the last four days in two different hospitals, and have finger, toes, legs, arms and anything else I can freakin think of crossed that I passed by first anatomy test. I will dance a jig if I pull a 'C', if I get a 'B' I might just do cartwheels! But not holding my breath after I screwed up one of the essay questions and didn't write another one of the four possible essay questions cause I didn't think he would use it. SURPRISE!!!!!

And my night is just getting better. Gwynne has drifted off to sleep and can't hold her stats over 90 asleep on 2 freakin liters!!!! I do NOT want a trip to the freakin PICU!!!!

But one awe moment before I go. We talked to Chloe on the phone today. She told me to get Gwynne and come home cause she misses us. She barely finished the sentence before she started to cry. Made me sad, but gave me that warm fuzzy feel at the same time.

Off to get a nurse and RT in here for my baby girl!