Monday, July 27, 2009

Cerebral Contusion

Anyone? Anyone at all? Yeah, until today I had no idea what the hell this was. But I gots it! The info on a cerebral contusion in case you are like me and never heard of it. This is what worries me. "The swelling is worst at around four to six days after the injury." I already feel like ass, trouble talking to people. Which has worked just wonderfully while at work today. Talking and thinking with this just doesn't happen. And I'm just about 24 hours out from the injury. I'm suppose to go back on Friday and feel better. How is that possible if I'm going to be right in the time frame of the WORST SWELLING?!?!?!?!

That being said if I don't feel any better then I do now come Friday he will order a scan. Which seems like a pity scan. I swear I think my doctors feel I'm a hypochondriac. Okay, well I am a little as I'm getting older, but he is the one who pointed out the HUGE lump on the back of my head. How the hell do you fake that shit?

And I found out from another article on-line while my well edited rant from last night happened and why I TOTALLY lost it at bath time. Seems agitation and/or irritability is part of the symptoms.

Those of you who don't know I'm sure are asking how the hell did this happen? The freakin DOG!!!! Had a dog at my feet, got up from the couch and the dog jumped up between my legs knocking me off balance. All my weight (COW - MMMMOOOOOOOOOOO!) was already heading in one direction and I kind of jumped into it to make sure I landed on the couch. Instead of the dog and/or toys and crap that were on the floor. Well I made it alright! Bounced the back of my head with hair clip on the arm of our sectional. Kind of blacked out as I fell. Probably cause my body knew this was not going to be good. So my Orca ass crashed on the couch cracked my head just about open. What about the hair clip you say?!?! What clip? I was pulling little pieces out of my curly hair afterwards.

I guess I should feel lucky it didn't get logged into my head? I mean if you want to look at the piece of shit cup as half full and all. And better for me to be injured who has medical insurance then some big expensive vet bill from a dog with a cracked skull, broken legs, ribs and who knows possibly what else had I went straight down. I did say I'm a whale right? Would the poor dog even had survived? Then I would have to live with killing our dog and my kids hating me and reminding me that there fat mom fell on and killed their dog.

Is it bad that I'm slightly pissed that fall didn't get caught on video? That had to have been some funny crap to see. Nothing cool and beautiful like a whale breaching the water. But more like a total spaz who shouldn't be allowed to move around without her crash helmet and bubble wrap on!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kid's Handbook or Mother's Handbook

In who's handbook is it writen that I cannot go into a bathroom and be alone to handle what ever business I may need to attend to? That the only place on this earth I can catch a few moments alone is the bathroom at work.

Your kids can't hear you when you tell them to pick up their mess, brush your corn teeth, let the dog out, rinse their plates. HOWEVER, they can be fully involved in anything anywhere in the house and they hear the quiet subtle click of the bathroom door closing and come running!

Suddnely there are pressing questions that just can't wait and where never thought of until that click was heard.

"Mom? How come the sky is blue? Can I come in? What are you doing? Will you play with me?" Seriously?!?! Did I tell you I had the BEST shower this Saturday at my sisters? Yep! I got to take a full shower uninteruppted. I can't even say when the time before that was.

There other thing that needs to be revised. Why if a child is in limb reach of you they must have a hand, foot what ever on you for NO APPARENT reason? Can I just sit on the couch in peace once in awhile. And can I have my "Personal space"? If their isnt' a limb then I have a kid attached to my side, sometimes both.

I'm not practicing staking my tomatoes! Go be free! "This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don't go into yours, you don't go into mine." I thought everyone knew this!

I need to know whose handbook this is written in find it and edit it! As I sit now I have two feet on me going back and forth between my arm and the computer. UGH! I'm about to loose my freaking mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm so beyond TIRED!!!!!!!

Where to start! I have been working 11-12 hours every day at work, add commute time and I'm gone for about 14 hours a day Mon-Fri. Boy that pay check this week was nice, but I have not seen my family. I'm burned out and don't want to go to work. All this overtime and I'm still not caught up and will be doing the same again come next week.
That all being said. This means no I'm not unpacked. There are tons of boxes in my garage needing to be unpacked. A ton of laundry still to be done. Where is my Fairy Godmother? Cause the cat box needs to be cleaned the floors mopped, pictures hung. I could kiss my nurse that vaccumed the downstairs this morning and swept my kitchen.
Is it bad that I don't remember the last time my kids had a bath? Let alone the last time I gave them a bath? And there breath!!!!! OMFG!!!! KICKIN, doesn't even begin to explain it. There toothbrushes and toothpaste are unpacked. So, why? Why are their teeth not getting brushed? UGH! Can I make them each drink a bottle of Scope??? Or is that child abuse/endangerment?
I need like one full weekend of just sleep. Is that possible?? I wish!

FAIRY GODMOTHER WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?