Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Everyone got your $#*& stompers on????? What a total freakin joke and waste of time. What the hell am I talking about your asking yourself I'm sure. But let me digress for a minute and probably show my age.

When I went to school my mom walked me, yes walked me! Novel idea I freakin tell ya, but then again the school was pretty much around the block. There was our tract of homes, some railroad tracks that ran behind said house, then a major Blvd and right there was the school. You got the mental picture?? Good! If not then I just wasted space and time. But any hoo! About a week before school started we took a little walk to the elementary school and there on the board was list after list of student names. Next to your name would be a room number and teacher's name. This is where you would need to go on the first day of school. Then we would take a walk onto school property and see where the class was for the first day of school. Great! There is the door I will be entering in about a week....Fabs! Can I go play with my friends now mom???

Then on the first day of school they sent me home with a mountain of paper work for my parents. Emergency cards, PTA info, hot lunch menu for the month, and well you get the point. I assume this was standard for everyone back then??? Or did I live on another planet??

Oh how things have changed. Now we have "Round-up"! You have to go to one of two days you choose from to turn in your paper work that was sent to you via the postal service, yet they forgot to send one form with the packet. So you are stopped by a Jr. high helper and told to fill out this form as well. Great! Then you are directed around the corner to one of the Kindergarden rooms and a sign that says "Enter" on one door and "Exit" on another. Woot! Woot! They have a freakin system. Wouldn't want the parents getting all crazy and doing things wrong!

I almost wanted to walk in the "Exit" door just because I can!

But I don't, I was a good little robot and followed directions. I'm greeted by the school secretary who asks for my paperwork. She is at one table with four ladies sitting at it on one wall, then another table with about 6 ladies and the third by the "Exit" door with about four more ladies. Needed paperwork is the emergency card and another card, different color, but pretty much the same info on it as the emergency card. I also have to show proof of residnecy. Two "ORIGINAL" utility bills, do a lot of people still get this stuff in the mail?? Hasn't just about everyone switched to On-Line banking or paperless billing?? I hand her my copies and I get asked "Can I keep these?" My response "What for?" REALLY!!! Why do you need to have my utility bills in my kids files??? She marks some things off and sends me on my way to the school nurse sitting at table 2.

The school nurse wants the paperwork she sent me about 2 months ago in regards to the kids shots. 15 weeks early, these kids are on a bit of a different schedule then most kids. Not to mention I'm scared as hell about them after a lot of talk on Triplet Connection regarding vaccainations. I'm told in addition to the scheduled shots the kids also need a TB test. They just had that done in Nov. 2007 because you said they needed it. They have to go have it again??? I will save you the banter back and forth. But basically she is checking if they have to have it AGAIN 9 months after the last one! Made me sign a waiver to cover her rear because I refused to take the kids before their 5 year check up for the shots they are missing. I'm fine with that. I fulling believe in "CYA", I practice it A LOT!

Then I'm handed a card for each of the girls, room number, teachers name, school times, and upcoming holidays & short days on it.

As I turn to leave the last table is the PTA!! YIPPEEE!!! They are pushing shirts for your kids. They are suppose to wear them EVERY Wed. and when ever there is a "spirit day"! FUN FUN!!!! They are $9 each so I buy one for each girl. Gotta teach them to assimilate now.

I'm out! I'm done.

Oh and this is NOT. I repeat! NOT!!!!!!a one time they are just starting at the school type of thing. I have to do this EVERY YEAR! It doesn't matter if I'm living in the same dang house and never move. EVERY YEAR I have to show proof of residency and go through the "Round-Up"

What about Connor you ask?? He goes to a different school. OUT OF DISTRICT for his special needs. Want to know what I got from them???

One sheet mailed to me that said hey school starts on this day at this time, your child (computer insert student name here) will be in classroom X and has teacher Y.

Guess what!? I bet when he comes home on that first day of school he will have a packet of paperwork for me to fill out and just send back with him the following day or two!

Make life easy people! Really it doesn't have to be this difficult!!!!

I get home and the girls are not back from swim practice yet. So I spend some uninterrupted time with Connor and then go change out of my work clothes. Right into those nice comfy PJ bottoms and a big shirt! AHHH! Get my computer turned on I hear the gate. Shoot! They are home! LOL!

My girls walk in. First one "MOMMA! You here!" AWWWW! My Diva....guess what she tells me???

"Momma, you in your PJ's already?!" All I could due was laugh. She is so young still and doesn't realize how wonderful some PJ bottoms and a big shirt are at the end of the day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's get this going AGAIN!

LMBO!!! I really suck at this blogging thing. But I need to get back at and not be a slacker. When I tried to keep a diary growing up this is pretty much how it happened. LOL! Total slacker I tell ya, total slacker!

Well I have been cranky and in a funk for the last few days. Hormones I think. It sucks! I'm just a total wreck and losing my mind. I start back to school next week after taking some time off. Again a slacker thing. I'm starting at a new college so I can take the classes I needed in the evening. I missed my deadlines to get all my info in at the new college so I missed a semster and short summer session.

On top of that the kids are starting Kindergarten next week as well. My babies are growing up. I'm concerned about them starting Kinder so young, but the cut off is Dec. 1 which I think it crazy. Had they not been extremely premature they would be past the deadline cut off.

I'm not a happy person with who I am, or the mother I have been lately to my children. It seems like all I do is yell lately. But it also seems like one of three is always pushing the buttons. UGH!

Some of my problem I'm sure as well is I went off my meds briefly and am having a bit of fall out from that. Why can't life just be easy? I just feel like I'm treading water recently and not sure what I'm going to do when I grow up. Isn't that so pathetic?? Here I am in my mid 30's and still lost in the world.

I seem so Type A most of the time, but somehow I'm not. CRAZY! Been thinking about what to do about my weight lately. Which is another problem of why I feel like a horrible mom. I have no energy to play with the kids at the end of the day, I feel like a slob. Trying yet again to cut out the soda. That is tuff! If I had to imagine what it was like to kick a drug habit. I know it cannot not compare, but it is about as close as I will ever get to having a hardcore addiction. See I don't have drug or alcohol addictions, just food and Pepsi addictions. LOL! But I was up to about a 12 pack a day at one time. Now on a really bad day around a 6 pack, on a good day only one can of soda. Work in progress, work in progress. LOL!

I have to go be a bad raving luntic mommy now. I have a kid that is refusing to go to bed and thinks it is party time. UGH! When does school start again????