Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some days...........

I'm really not sure how I survive! The girls really pushed my buttons and I started to lose it after being with the trio all day by myself. Jason went off to help his dad today with a flip and usually I'm good. Not sure what put me over the edge. The girls got sent to their room to play until their dinner was done and played. They were getting hyper because they where exhausted. I got more upset when I tried calling Jason and he wasn't answering his freaking phone. I needed to know when my back up would be around. Sigh!
Chloe is still hacking like crazy and Connor has gunk coming from his nose and trach. When I listened to his lungs today they didn't sound very good. Both it seems will be off to the Dr next week. I'm hoping a bit of antibiotics will be all that the kids will need. In a few weeks it will be two years since Connor has had a hospital stay, hopefully it will continue and not be broken. A new year is fast approaching and wonder what it may hold. Jason is looking at moving to a new job and has an interview which I really hope goes well and the offer is good. He really needs to get out of his situation and get a better stable work environment.
I finally got the gump to look up my grade for my chem class. I thought for sure I would be looking at a D, I had to have blown my final. But I guess I did a bit better then I thought. My final grade for the class is a C! Yeah! I wish it was at least a B, but beggers cannot be choosers! LOL! I really didn't put my all into the class and was distracted with my sis and all. So know I need to work on getting my stuff transferred over to the other college so I can start to take my other classes. It has been nice being off and just having to deal with work and the kids. The stress this last semester really did kick my rear.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas! Is it over yet???

Really this Holiday cannot be over soon enough! It is always so stress ful. But it has been a bit fun as well. The girls are very excited and keep talking about Santa and tell us what they want Santa to bring. Gwynne keeps asking for Bratz suddenly. Don't know where that is coming from. I don't know what it is about those things but they WILL NOT be in our house! Daddy agrees as well. LOL! But I think they will be very happy with what they get.

These last two weeks have just about killed me I think. Between my class I was almost failing, sick kids, and it being the busy time for me at work. I really missed my family. I didn't get to see anyone much but in passing and a kiss as I was walking out the door. I have not had the heart to check my final grade. I really think I failed my final exam. I totally blanked and I studied. Not as much as I should have with the kids being sick. But I'm using that as an excuse and I know that. I have never actively failed a class before. I have failed a couple classes, but that was when I just stopped going and never withdrew from them. And now they kill my dang GPA!

I made some great memories with the girls this weekend. They helped me make my Eggnong cookies. We told them we had to set out some cookies for Santa and some carrots for the reindeer tonight. They were super cute and fighting over who got to do what. But then all they wanted to do was eat the dough after I gave them the beaters to lick on. LOL! And they kept asking for a cookie, so after the first batch came out and cooled they each got one. And little Gwynne snuck back in when out backs were turned to grab another. Little stinker!

So I have two weeks of no school and just hanging with my family. I might go crazy being around them so much! HEHEHE! I just love sitting on the couch watching cartoons and cuddling with them. They are TOTAL couch potatoes like mom and dad already.

I think I have made some good memories for the kids this year and hope to continue in the future. I was thinking last night while giving Chloe a breathing treatment that I don't have memories like this with my mom. Chalking it up to that she was a really young mom, but it just isn't there. I pray when my kids get older they can look back and remember all these fun times and things we did. My mortality has been tested lately hearing of several young moms passing away. Hope and prayers that I'm around for a very long time to maybe become a pest to my children and grandchildren. LOL!

I never make New Year resoultions....Really what is the point when they are broken in a week. But I need to get my eating back under control and cut down on my soda. I live off soda and it really is starting to effect my health in the negative. And I don't like all the weight I have on right now. Just way to heavy and the mom gut is KILLING me! Never had a gut before and I really think that is what drives me INSANE. Oh the stress when the kids were first born! It sucked! But it was a FANTASTIC diet! Can a girl get some stress like that again! Too bad speed is so addicting. The skinny part is a great side effect I think. See! This is my crazy thinking! "This is the face of a women on the edge!" LOL!

Who can tell me where that quote is from!!! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I really SUCK at this!

April 2007 are you kidding me! I need to start doing this more often. Well here our recent photos of the kiddos and our first official professional family photo. Try to be back sooner with some good stories! But I wouldn't hold your breath.

Okay I need to resize my pics! I'm so illerate with computers sometimes!