Saturday, June 27, 2009

All moved in!

For the most part that is! :-). And our first mortgage payment is due Aug 1! LOL! I'm surround by boxes and unable to park our cars in the garage because of more boxes. My kitchen is unpacked and that is about it. Yet for some strange reason I have yet to cook in my new kitchen!

Sorry pics are before flooring was put in.

In about 4 days of being moved in the girls managed to put a hole in the wall on the staircase and a big gash/dent on the landing of the staircase, UGH! It seems they have found a new use for their step stool. Which BTW is now taken away for the time being. They are launching toys down the stair case. Also standing on the stool on the 2nd floor dropping toys and who knows what else over the ledge. Head shaking!

So after this weekend we will be completely out of our old place. Have some yard toys that didn't make it in the truck and toys that the kids are too old for I need to run to the hospital and donate for their play room.

I hope to have most of the house unpacked by the end of the weekend and get some groceries in this house as well. Money has been flying out with us eating out so much for the last week. But we kind of knew that was gonna happen. But everyone is off schedule and we need to get back into the routine.

Check back for some more photos. Gwynne's room is all painted and done and we should have Connor and Chloe's done hopefully next weekend.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lots to catch up on!

I kind of abandoned the blog for a bit. Things happen I guess. Well we are officially home owners as of last week. Next weekend is the big move. Doing some painting in the kids rooms today. I'm very excited about owning a home, but scared to hell as well. I think it is all the changes that are going to come with this move. But we will roll with the punches and enjoy our new home.

The kids will each have their own rooms. Not sure how well this is going to work with the girls. They seem excited, but they have shared a room since the day they came home. So I expect to find an extra body in one room or the other after we move in.
Packing SUCKS!!!! Only made worse by I have had to work a lot of extra hours at work. So Jason has had to kind of pick up the slack and do a lot of the packing. But I think we are on track to be ready for the move.

All of this compounded by me just being plain flat exhausted! Saw the doc and he thinks it could be my thyroid. Last blood test I guess it was okay but barely. So I may be adding another pill to my daily's. GREAT! I have really lost my spunk lately, so hopefully I will get that back way sooner then later.

Ok this post is really boring so I will leave it at that for now.