Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm a Loser Baby!!! So why don't ya kill me!!!

Alright not the best title, but.....WHATEVER!!! It has been a very stressful time for me. I really thought I was about to lose it that week after Gwynne and my grandmother were in the hospital. I got my first anatomy test back and it wasn't good. Missed a passing low C by three points. Totally defeated. Then had to stay late and get caught up at work and try to study for the next test coming up. Add to that landlord and money issues.

UGH! I was living on Pepsi and pills pretty much at this point trying to keep it together. And that was failing fast!

So I wussed out and dropped my anatomy class. I was not prepared for what it was going to take to pass this class. And it was the only thing I had in my control to get rid of some stress.

I have not been this stressed out since the kids where born, dropped about 20lbs without knowing it or trying. And now I feel like a failure cause I couldn't take or pass this class at the moment.

Well Gwynne is home and doing well. She did end up with a middle ear infection this week, but otherwise back to normal. Grandma is pretty much back to herself, a little slower moving around then before.

I'm not going to class, but it still feels like I'm never home at night. I think I need a life coach. Doubt it would work, but worth the shot I guess. Something to get me on track again.

I have and adult weekend coming up and I'm excited and stressed all at the same time. How stupid is this?! But I think after a couple Black & Tans all might be right in my world for a bit. LOL! Who's the DD again on this trip??