Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Year! Not so great......

Didn't even make it through the first seven days of the New Year without drama and my house! Got a call on Friday from the police department......From INSIDE my own house. Seems 911 was called. Why you ask? Are you sitting down. Some one driving by saw one of the girls in the street.

We have a Houdini that has learned to unlock the front door. So we put a child knob on it. Knock on wood she had not figured out how to get the knob off the door. But she was smart enough to figure out I can escape through the sliding glass door. Which still you would think this should not be a problem since there is a 5 foot fence around the front yard. But this little one is not only Houdini, but too smart for her own good. She pulls a chair or one of her toys over to the gate. She knows just how far back she needs the chair or toy to be to unlock the gate and pull it back a bit so it won't close. Said toy or chair gets put back and she makes a run for it.

Yes this is not the first time she has gotten out the gate on someone. So I now live in Fort Knox and there is no getting out of this house OR the gate unless an adult does not do what they are suppose to. The sliding glass door know has a lock at the top, the front door also has slide lock at the top of the door along with the child proof door knob. And now there is a zip tie type child lock on our gate.

Why we never thought of this type of lock for the gate I have no idea! Since we found she was able to get out the gate we have been trying to figure out what we could put on the fence. DUH! Next thing to get a lock I think will be the fridge!

I have been sick all this week and just started getting better then got so stressed out on Friday it wasn't even funny. And DD doesn't even really seem to "get it" what she did. Dh and I tried to sit down alone with her and talk to her, but it didn't seem to sink in. Hopefully it did more then we think.

So tomorrow I start back to school after having the last two weeks off. A 16 week course done in 6 weeks. FUN! Actually it should be. This is a class for me and one that will go to my general ed requirement. History of Rock N Roll! LOL! Then it will be on to the serious make my head hurt stuff the following term. Anatomy here I come! Just thinking about it gives me a bit of anxiety.

**Included in this post are a couple pics the girls took with their new Fisher Price digital cameras they got for Christmas.