Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Evils of Facebook!

What an evil thing, I was never this addicted to MySpace. I can't remember the last time I was on MySpace, and when I was it was only to play poker. And the applications! They are never ending! Do they realize what this does to someone with OCD?!?!?!

Then a fellow triplet mom gets me started on Mafia Wars! OMFP! I was actually going to my computer in the middle of the night if I got up to bank my money so no one could come beat up on me and take my cash! I'm even more evil that I made my sister start playing. And she is doing the same thing!

I have "friends" now that I don't even know them....but they play Mafia Wars and I need them as part of my Mafia. I have lost my mind.

Totally forgotten about my blog until my BFF tells me today "How come I didn't know you had a blog?" The answer to that is cause I'm a slacker! (Love ya K!) Oh and I have been obsessed with Facebook and all it's freakin applications. Food Fling, Mafia Wars, Dragon Wars, some chocolate factory thing, sending plants and fishes to save the rain forest and ocean. Sending presents to put under friends tree's. Sending each other purses & shoes we can't have in real life! How mean is that crap?!?! And arresting people for stealing a cookie out of the cookie jar.

A Facebook application even allows you to kidnap you friends to different places of your choosing and knocking them out with a 8 ball in a sock, a Yorkie Yap, or in a stinky backpack. LOL!

This is where I have spent my free time. Totally forgetting about my blog and everyone else's that I love to read. Talk about your head up your ass!

Then I got a cousin that my sister and I traumatize on Facebook, and an Aunt who reports back to my mom. Holy crap Batman! LOL!

But I guess one good thing I did take a break for a couple days to read a book! A Tween book but a book none the less.

Oh and to add to the family. We adopted a very sweet little guy name Maestro who is a cocker spaniel mix.

It's all Facebooks fault I tell ya!

Okay I gotta go and check my status on Mafia Wars now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas pictures!

Bet you have all been wondering. Sittin on pens and needles. LOL! I ain't got NOTHIN! Yep. Wake up Christmas morning grab the camera. NOTHIN! It seems two little girls, one in particular got hold of the camera over a period of 4 days. We couldn't take any pictures, but could still see and view the pics already on the camera.

It seems we have a budding photographer on our hands. There is a random shot of a naked butt. Not sure what that is about but Jason and I did get a good chuckle out of it. Our camera also does video and there are a couple very short videos that are a total giggle.

So now we are waiting for our camera to be fixed through the warranty. My sister snapped a few pics, we will see if she shares. ;-)

The kids were very excited about Christmas. Santa made a stop to say Hi and Papa and Grandma Ferris house. There was no pullin a fast one with Gwynne. LOL! As Chloe and their cousin Jacob got excited Gwynne is yellin "That isn't Santa! It's grandpa!" We all were cracking up!

Did I tell you all that my kids are too smart for their own good sometimes?!Chloe busted me the other day about Santa. Five years old and they are nailing me. I thought I was all stealthy and got nailed.

My mom and dad would always use the same paper for their presents and Santa. So the last two years I have bought "Santa" paper. Well a roll of "Santa" paper didn't get put in the paper bin, the roll was too long. Chloe spotted it while in my bedroom. She tells me one hand on her hip and the other pointing at wrapping paper "YOU NOT SANTA!!!!!!" I tried to play stupid, but Chloe wasn't having it! LOL!

So five years old and the Santa thing may be busted already! UGH!

The kids got so much stuff. Grandma E went a little crazy. She sure does love to shop for her babies! I could have tossed EVERYTHING in their room before Christmas, and you NEVER would have known.

Chloe got some Hot Wheels an track and a NASCAR racing track & horses, horses, horse. She is a very happy girl! Not to happy when she opened something that was clothes. LOL! Gwynne got some jewelry and vanity table and color gems. She was a very very happy as well. Connor was a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement. But he was a happy happy boy with all the new stuff he got. The toys he got that sing and make noises he just cracks up.

I can leave you with our Chirstmas Card. We did pictures last minute. Thank you to another triplet mom who is a wonderful photographer Maryann. Here is a link to some other pictures and cards that she had desinged. She is fantastic with kids! Well she is fnatastic period. :-) http://mkcards.blogspot.com/

Happy New Year!