Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Please Don't Feed the Mom

You have been warned! I finally got fed up about being over weight and the diets I have tried over the years to shed the pounds. I have never been successful. Since puberty hit I packed on the pounds. Found out my insurance covers the Lap Band procedure, so after lots of fun tests I found out I got approved. My surgery was two weeks ago and finally starting to feel better physically. Still a bit sore at times around the area of my port.

The first week SUCKED!!!!! Not only are you in pain from having surgery but you cannot eat anything. A clear liquid only diet. Which for the first day or two is not a problem cause you feel like shit.

Oh and not only was I recovering from surgery but my damn period who had disappeared for a few months decided it was time to show up two days post op. REALLY!?

My poor husband and kids have really bared the brunt of my antics. I have not been the best person to live with the first week and half. When week two rolled around I was never so damn happy to be able to eat mashed potatoes or scrambled eggs. Yes, I have graduated from clear liquids to mush. I can have baby food! Screw that! I would rather starve. LOL! Oh wait! That's what I'm doing at times. LOL!

So I'm getting into my third week and I can start having over cooked veggies and over ripe melon type foods. Whoo hooo!!!!

Been almost three weeks with no soda and I snapped today. Snagged some soda from a co-worker. OH hell that was wrong to do! I have been burping all day. And the weird thing. The first drink wasn't orgasmic like I thought it would be. It actually felt weird to be drinking soda. (Yes Jason I drank soda...Leave me alone!)

I dream of pastrami sandwich's, pizza, PBJ sandwich, some cheese and crackers. Oh sweet hell!

But I go for a follow up with the doctor on Sat. and will get weighed in. It's so crazy that I don't really feel like a lost any weight. But with my special diet I have to have dropped some weight. Two days post op when I weighed in I was 262 pounds. Bets on how much I have lost in two weeks??

The other negative since this surgery is my stomach has been so distended at times from gas, but not always. But then again my gut has always looked like I was about 5-6 months pregnant. I will not miss my gut, the sooner that mess is gone the happier I will be.

When all is said and done I hope to have lost 100-110 pounds. I'm excited as hell, but it feels weird that I will be shedding all this weight and be "thin". That seems like such a foreign word to me.

So my thin journey begins. Please don't feed the mom.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Connor Update

It's been almost a month since we announced that Connor was suppose to be off the vent 24/7. Well, there is no update. UGH! Head shaking.

I knew a few months ago there was some confusion on the doctors orders. My understanding was before his July appt he was already suppose to be off his vent 24/7 and that the July appt would be a follow up how is it going. According to our nurse who wrote the orders three months previously he was suppose to be on his vent from 4 am - 8am. And that the doctor didn't write the orders to totally remove him.

Okay, well I didn't read the order so I went with what she said.

Well, this appt Jason forgot a nursing order sheet and verbally told our day nurse the instructions. Normally, this is fine. They write up the order sheet and send it into the doctor.

So, I'm asking the night nurse how he has been doing at night. There were a couple times she said he was low and put him on his vent. Didn't think much of it.

Well a couple weeks ago she tells me she is still putting Connor on the vent from 4-8am.


I ask her why and she says well there was no order for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

So basically, Connor has only been off the vent 24/7 about three days a week. Friday morning until the night nurse comes back on Sunday night and 4am rolls around.

Well we have the orders now written and waiting to get them back to take him off the vent 24/7.

Of the time he has spent off the vent 24/7 in our care he has done well with his saturation's. But I'm a little concerned about his heart rate that we will need to discuss with the doctor.

I'm not sure if it's normal for a little kid but in a deep sleep Connor's heart rate goes into the 50's. Is that too low? It is low according to the pulse ox we use and it sets off the alarms every time I spot check him.

Have some more updates later. The girls start school on Thursday. We have not heard from the school regarding Connor so he will start the school year with home schooling.