Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Walk + Fractured Arm = Mommy Guilt

Well Gwynne is in a cast as of today, and I have tons of guilt over it. Well with a lot of people having Monday off for the Holiday and no mail, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc work was slow yesterday. So I got to bail and head home at a decent time. Got home and thought it would be a great idea to walk the dogs and the family to all go. Best of intentions and family bonding at the core.

Both girls ask if they can take their scooters for the walk and being a good mom I told them they could, but they couldn't wear flip flops and had to put on shoes. Well that made Chloe opt out of the scooter situation and ask to walk one of the heathens that we call Vera & Oso. Lil Miss Gwynne pulled on her pink cowboy boots grabbed her scooter and the family was off for a nice evening walk.

Well Chloe tried to walk Vera, while I had Connor in his wheelchair and Jason was being dragged by Oso. Chloe wasn't able to control Vera and Vera basically was walking Chloe. So I took the leash from Chloe and pushed Connor's chair at the same time. We are about 5 houses from home and barely starting our walk.

I hear a crash and cries. Gwynne just ate it on her scooter in a neighbors drive way and she is not getting up. Just laying there crying. My stellar parenting skills kick in cause I'm irritated at this point(yes less then 5 minutes into the family walk). And I tell her she needs to get up I can't get to her while having her brother and the dog. She complains about her arm and I figure she jammed it she'll cry for awhile and be good. So we continue on with our walk.

The family togetherness gets better and better as we walk! Gwynne his holding her arm crying, Chloe is riding the scooter now with her damn flip flops on and Jason is feeling Gwynne is being a bit of a drama queen. Me! I just wanted everyone to SHUT UP! Yet also getting worried that there is something VERY WRONG with Gwynne's arm. UGH!

So we get home from our lovely family evening walk and I head off to the ER for an X-ray with Gwynne. Since getting to the ER all I have been playing over and over in my OCD brain is......

Why? Why did I have to get off of work at a decent time and think it would be a great idea for the whole family to go for walk? Had I worked my normal long overtime filled day none of this would have happened. Seriously! Had I just came home ate dinner put the kids to bed then walked the dogs none of this would have happened.

This has also brought about more worries about Gwynne and her eating habits. Would you expect a fall from a scooter to fracture an arm? This girl will not eat meat. I have to force her to eat just a bite or two. Now that being said. She will eat sausage, bacon, and chicken nuggets(sometimes). Why those items and nothing else? I'm concerned she is not getting enough protein and hence made it easier for this some what small fall to cause her arm to fracture. So do I feed her a ton of sausage and bacon to get the protein in her? She's skinny enough. LOL! I'm thinking she likes shakes and after dinner she needs to start having a protein shake for dessert. I need to figure out a shake that will be high in protein but still allow her to be hungry for regular meals.

I have thought about the garden burgers/meat. But at the same time I don't want to be making special meals for her. Is that horrible? But at this point for her well being I'm thinking I may have to.

Another issue may be calicum. The kids were on high calorie formula for a long time and then went to pedisure instead of milk. Have you ever tasted pedisure or ensure? That is like drinking a sugar laced milk shake. So they think milk taste gross and I have tried over and over to get them to drink regular milk. Thinking of trying Soy or Rice milk with them. Man I remember drinking like 2-3 big glasses of milk a day. Not these kids! When they eat cereal they eat it dry! What is going on this is not normal!!!!!????

This parenting gig really sucks sometimes. So for the next 4-6 weeks I will have a wonderful reminder of what a great mom I am. UGH!

But we will be off to the craft store to get some items to bedazzle the cast.

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