Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where the hell have you all been?!?!?!

I've been right here blogging away! I have no idea what your talking about. Well I will whine a little bit. Working very long hours at the J-O-B, and now that we have a BIGGER house I spend less time on line then ever before. Hence you don't get to have a dose of my wonderful sense of humor as much as before. LOL!

Well the not so Little's turned 6 this month. Was sitting on Gwynne's bed the other day talking to Chloe and I swear she grew over night!

We took the kids to Disneyland on their Birthday. We would be stupid not to really with the whole free on your B-day thing. We had a blast and spent the entire day. It was great to have an entire week day with the kids and not want to kill one or more of them. Now my mother, husband, or step dad on the other hand. KIDDING!!! Though grandma did get in a little trouble about 10 minutes into the park and the first ride.

Gwynne has been doing cheer leading one night a week and had a little performance. Now she wants to be on the All-Star team who does all those crazy flips and basket toss'. Little miss Diva was SUPER cute and rocked it. I was a bit surprised as she does the shy thing to the extreme so much. We asked Chloe if she wanted to do cheer with her sister. We got a resounding "NO", "I just want to watch the football" LOL! There has been talk of Chloe and daddy taking some karate lessons. Which the last time it was brought up Chloe proceeded to karate kick Jason in his shin. ROFLMBO!!!!!! Guess he should consider himself lucky it wasn't his nads!

As always I'm ill prepared for the Holidays. But what's new. Kids still don't have their Christmas outfits yet, no pictures done. I figure the week before Christmas we will be getting pictures and begging Maryann(CDI Portraits) for our Christmas cards to hand out to everyone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. LOL! Cause that's how I roll!!!! :P

I have four fun filled days off to spend with my family, or on the Internet when they start driving me bonkers. I'm not sure what I will do with myself having all that free time. Wonder if I can squeeze out one day of not getting out of bed?? Hey a girl can dream!

Oh and Gwynne has not dyed her hair or asked about it any more.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Remember to enjoy your family now, they may not be there tomorrow.


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Triplets Plus Two Momma said...


hahahaah! How did I not KNOW this was you. that I feel like a total dumbass---I am going back to bed.

How come I didn't know you had a blog?

Please don't tell Michelle what a nimrad I am!!